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The author of this blog (Taufik SM) laugh really hard when I (Taufik SM) watch television comedy series Mr. Bean, and never tire of it. However , in the new movie, I find Mr. Bean less amusing. In Mr. Bean’s Holiday, the title character (played by Rowan Atkinson) wins a holiday trip to France, and a video camera. He takes off, expecting a wonderful, fuss-free-trip. As usual, he quickly gets into mishaps, including missing the train to Cannes. Mr. Bean then teams up with Stepan (Max Baldry), a boy who lost his father. Along the way, he meets an egoistic, self-indulgent filmmaker Carson Clay (Willem Dafoe) and a hot French actress, Sabine (Emma de Caunes). Mr. Bean is as he always is-annoying,odd,obnoxious, and sometimes pathetic. Robin Driscoll, the long time co-writer of the Mr. Bean series, is in the film’s title credit as the co-writer of Mr. Bean’s Holiday. A substantial portion of the film shows Mr. Bean in scenes taken from the comedy series, like the one on ‘eating’ oysters and secretly discarding them, using matchsticks to keep eyes wide awake, and getting his tie stuck in a vending machine. Ditto when he tries to amuse the lost boy by sticking bits of paper to his eyelids and tongue .

I would have no problem laughing when I see the same scenes a 100 times over in the comedy series. But it is less potent in a feature film, where he is in a more complex surrounding, such as a metropolitan Paris restaurant at peak hour, compared to, say, a dinner in a quaint English town. Hence, it is not as easy for Mr. Bean to exploit someone or something in such situation. In the series, he can be with a few key characters or even alone, making the situation ripe for intense slapstick antics. To be sure, the makers have some adroit tricks up their sleeves. In the film, Mr. Bean’s use of the video camera adds an unusual dimension and creativity. As he travels to Cannes, he uses it to film the main characters, notably the French actress. Unwittingly, it becomes an interesting collage. Toss in picturesque scenery and you have a picture within a picture. Mr. Bean’s Holiday film is not as funny as expected, but it is worth watching if you are a Mr. Bean fan. Happy watching Mr. Bean’s Holiday film.


-Directed by Steve Bendelack.
-Starring Rowan Atkinson, Willem Dafoe, Karel Roden, Max Baldry , Emma de Caunes.

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