My Chemical Romance Lyric - I Don't Love You

Posted Ahad, Jun 24, 2007 by Lelaki Herba in Labels:
Artis : My Chemical Romance
Lagu : I Don't Love You

when u go
don't never think i'll make u try to stay
and maybe when u get back
i'll be off to find another way
when after all this time that u still owe
you're still,the good for nothing i don't know
so take ur gloves and get out
better get out
while u can
*when u go
would u even turn to say
i don't love u
like i did yesterday..
sometimes u cry so hard from pleading
so sick and tired of all the needless beating
but baby when they knock u
down and out
it's where u oughta stay
and after all the blood that u still owe
another dollar's just another blow
so fix ur eyes and get up
better get up
while u can
ulang *
well come on,come on
ulang *

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